Body Stress Release Bonaire

Pain, discomfort or limitations?

Many complaints have a logical cause: tight tension in muscles and / or connective tissue, or body stress.
Body Stress Release (BSR) stimulates the body to release that tight muscle tone. A release is precise and effective. The technique is suitable for anyone with complaints: young and old. Discover for yourself what Body Stress Release can do for your health and well-being.

The history of Body Stress Release

Body Stress Release has been developed in South Africa; the technology has been used there since 1981.
At the base was the couple Ewald and Gail Meggersee.
Ewald Meggersee got an accident at the age of 5: he fell from a tree. He woke up after a few days from a coma, but over the years developed various ailments and ailments. There was nothing demonstrably damaged, so no doctor could help him. In spite of everything, Ewald graduated as a chemical engineer and married Gail, a French teacher.
Treatments by a chiropractor seemed to give him regular relief for some time.
Still, the health of Ewald deteriorated to such an extent that he feared to end up in a wheelchair.
In an attempt to gain insight into the functioning of chiropractic - and with that in the cause of the temporary recovery, he and Gail decided to follow the four-year university training as chiropractors in America.
There they came into contact with Dr. Van Rumpt, whose approach was completely different from the then chiropractic. He spoke to them about 'listening' to the body and using it as a bio-feedback mechanism. Ewald and Gail were allowed to work with his insights, which later would be a very important part of the BSR technique.
Eventually, the Meggersee couple ran a successful chiropractic practice in Cape Town. Yet Ewald's health was still not 100%.
In their search for a holistic way of recovery, according to their vision, they discovered the perfectly organized way in which the body stores overload in the deeper, skeleton-supporting muscle layers. They then developed a gentle technique that helps the body release stored muscle tension and begin self-repair. This new technique, their knowledge, years of accurate observations of clients and the progress they have made, is called Body Stress Release since 1981.
In the meantime, the friendly technique attracted thousands of people, often resulting in sensational results.
In 1987, the couple began training others to become BSR practitioners. Nowadays there is a Body Stress Release Academy in Rondevlei, South Africa and one in Dorset, England.

Body Stress Release in the world

Over 120 practitioners are active in the Netherlands, spread over more than 90 practices.
Outside South Africa there are also practices in Belgium, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland, Austria, England, Scotland, Ireland, Iceland, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Netherlands Antilles, USA, Hawaii, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Namibia and Zambia.

Possible complaints
- Painful and stiff neck or shoulders
- Headache, migraine, ringing in the ears
- Hernia, spit, sciatica
- Whiplash complaints
- Backache
- Fatigue, sleep problems
- Tingling, cramping or numbness in the arms or legs
- RSI, tennis arm, carpal tunnel syndrome
- Pain in hips, legs and buttocks
- Restless legs, aching knees and ankles
- Heartburn and intestinal complaints
- Growing pains, bed wetting
- Babies who cry long and inexplicably, intestinal cramps
- Pregnancy symptoms, for example pelvic pain
- Menstruation - or menopausal symptoms, vaginism, vulvodynia
- Burn-out, depression

Body Stress Release can also help:

In acute situations, for example a fall, a (car) accident or another violent event. If after examination it appears that there is nothing broken or otherwise damaged, a quick release can help to free the body from the muscle tension caused by the accident.

After an operation. An operation causes a lot of stress: chemically, through anesthesia and medication, emotionally and mechanically by lifting and turning the body and lying down. The BSR practitioner obviously does not work in the area that has been operated, but BSR session can help to promote the recovery of the body.

During and after pregnancy. As the pregnancy progresses, there is more tension on the lower back. Sometimes that tension also pulls upwards, towards the shoulders and neck. BSR can help alleviate these discomforts, but also prepares the body for delivery.

For athletes. BSR can help the body to repair the body. In addition, the release of frozen tension ensures that the energy flow and flexibility of the body increase, where the sport performance improves. Think of better coordination and better balance.


If you would like to make a reservation, please ask one of our Frontoffice staff to make a reservation or call directly to BSR by calling the number: +599 785 4380 or send an e-mail to: bsrbonaire@gmail.com