Diving Bonaire



Discover Scuba Diving (1 dive) $ 99.00

½ day introduction to scuba diving, includes theory, pool training + 1 ocean dive and use of all required equipment. Min age 10 years

2nd Discover dive from shore $ 79.00

Enjoy additional ocean dives guided by a dive professional

Bubblemaker (8 to 10 years old) Inc. Crew Pak $ 95.00

Bubblemaker. 2nd Dive from Shore $ 55.00

Refresher Dive $ 99.00

PADI Scuba Tune-Up $ 99.00

Private guided dive – includes 1 dive tank (per person) $ 69.00

Boat snorkel trip $ 20.00


Open Water Diver $399.00

(Inc: Equipment, Materials, Certification)

Open Water Diver eLearning $325.00

(Incl. Equipment & Certification)

Open Water Referral $229.00

(Inc: Equipment, Certification)

Scuba Diver $239.00

(Inc: Equipment, Materials, Certification)

Advanced Open Water $249.00

(Excluding Air & Equipment.)

Advanced Open Water eLearning $215.00

(Excluding Air & Equipment.)

Adventure Diver $175.00

(Excluding Air & Equipment.)

Individual Adventure Dives $ 69.00

(Excluding Air & Equipment.)

Rescue Diver $399.00

(Excluding Air & Equipment.)

Rescue Diver eLearning $250.00

(Excluding Air & Equipment.)

Emergency First Response $135.00

(Open to non-divers)

Divemaster $735.00

(Excluding Air & Equipment.)


*Please note that dive air is NOT included

Nitrox Diver 2 certification Dives $139.00

Wreck Diver 4 certification Dives $199.00

Deep Diver 4 certification Dives $199.00

U/W Naturalist 2 certification Dives $139.00

Fish ID 2 certification Dives S139.00

Lion Fish Hunter 2 certification Dives $150.00

Fluorescente Night Dive 1 certification Dive $65.00

Night Diver 3 certification Dives $245.00

Peak Performance Buoyancy 2 certification Dives $159.00

Kayak Diver 2 certification Dives $159.00

U/W Navigation 3 certification Dives $179.00

Search & Recovery 4 certification Dives $199.00

*All prices subject to change without notice.




 6 DAY PACKAGES. (Does not include day of arrival or departure.)

Unlimited Shore: (including tanks and weight ) $175.00

6 Days unlimited shore + 4 boat dives $325.00

6 Days unlimited shore + 6 boat dives $365.00

6 days unlimited shore + 12 boat dives $445.00


One Day Unlimited Shore Diving $35.00

1 Tank Boat Dive $55.00

2 Tank Boat Dive $85.00

1 Tank Boat Night Dive $65.00

*All prices subject to change without notice.




(Prices in US$ per day)

Snorkel Set $ 10.00

Fins $ 5.00

Mask and Snorkel $ 5.00

BCD $ 12.50

Regulator $ 12.50

Dive Computer - daily $ 13.00

Dive Computer – 6 days package $ 65.00

Dive Light $ 9.50

Wetsuit $ 10.00

Full Set of dive equipment – daily (exc. Computer) $ 35.00

Full Set of dive equipment – 6 day package (exc. Computer) $175.00

*All prices subject to change without notice.

*All rentals will be charged per day out of our store, unless otherwise stated. Please return if not in use. Any damages or loss of equipment is the responsibility of the renter and will be charged accordingly.




To protect the Bonaire Marine Park, snorkelers also have to purchase a Nature Tag. For divers this tag costs only US$ 25.00. The tag is valid all year long. For more information visit www.stinapa.org. The Nature Tags are available in our Toucan Diving shop.

Dive packages and air are sold only to certified divers.
Nitrox and Nitrox packages are sold only to certified nitrox divers.
Dive packages are non-transferable and non-refundable.
Bonaire Marine Park dive tag fee is US$ 45.00 per year per diver.
Bonaire Marine Park snorkel tag fee is US$ 25.00 per year per snorkeler.

All divers in the Bonaire Marine Park must perform an orientation dive before participating in diving activities.
Pre-booked packages will not be refunded or transferred to other persons.
Rates and taxes are subject to change without notice.
No Service Charge.

Payment can be made via pin / credit card or cash at the diving school

For more information, please check our website: toucandiving.com