Plaza Beach Resort Bonaire adopted a sea turtle nest

Kralendijk, May 26, 2016

Sea turtles are Bonaire's most charismatic species. They are valued for their role in maintaining healthy ecosystems and are loved widely. Plaza Beach Resort Bonaire invests in eco-tourism and environmental conservations. In coorporation with Sea Turtle Conservation Bonaire (STCB), Plaza Beach Resort Bonaire adopted a sea turtle nest. For us this is a rewarding way to contribute towards keeping these endangered creatures safe while ensuring their longevity. We invest in a sustainable future for Bonaire's sea turtles!

Bonaire provides nesting habitat for three species of marine turtles: hawksbill, green, and loggerhead turtles. Most turtle nests are laid on the beaches that lie along the northeast coast of Klein Bonaire, on and around “No Name Beach”.  Our donation for STCB's ADOPT-A-NEST program helps STCB to protect these nests in the interests of sea turtle survival.