Slave houses

The Caribbean island of Bonaire is known for its beautiful beaches and crystal clear waters, but it also has a unique history worth exploring! Bonaire was once a major hub of the Dutch slave trade, and to this day there are several remaining slave houses scattered around the island. These historic cottages are a powerful reminder of Bonaire's past. So be sure to visit these cottages and seize the opportunity to discover the story behind these iconic buildings.

History of the slave houses

Europeans first settled on Bonaire in 1499, but it wasn't until 1636 that Dutch settlers began building slave houses all over Bonaire. These small dwellings, built of stone or masonry, served as accommodation for the slaves who worked on the island's plantations. In some cases, up to seven slaves shared one house, each with their own sleeping place and storage space for their belongings. Although many of these buildings have been destroyed over time, about 30 remain today.

Slave houses today

Slave houses can still be found all over the island. Get a unique glimpse into the life that slaves led hundreds of years ago. Some cottages are ruins and others have been restored or rebuilt. Go on an adventure during your holiday on Bonaire and explore the various cottages. If you are lucky, you will come across another cottage that has remained in its original state. 

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