Rooms and suites

We from Plaza Beach & Dive Resort Bonaire are constantly working to improve the resort’s sustainability. Several actions have been taken to make the rooms and suites eco-friendlier for your comfort.

Eco-friendly air conditionings
The traditional air conditionings are being replaced for more efficient air conditionings to keep your room always cool and comfortable. Half of all the new air conditionings are already installed which resulted in a saving between 10-30% of energy per room. We are very happy with these results and the installation of the other air conditionings will continue. Even though our new air conditionings are more efficient than the older models, we still want to request you to turn off the air conditioning when you leave your room.

Efficient boilers
Over the past year, our technicians have been working hard to install our new type boilers for the rooms. The traditional boilers used 3300 watts to heat 200 liters of water, this in contrast with the new boilers (heat pumps) who only need 800 watts to heat 300 liters of water. These heat pumps are a perfect example of using natural fuels: the pumps use the warmth from outside to heat the water, and the outcome is cold air what we use to cool behind the scenes. One new boiler is sufficient to provide warm water for 4 Grand Suites.

All over the resort led-lights has been installed to provide efficient lighting; in the restaurant, pavements, hotel rooms, beach and offices. More than 2000 led-lights already have been installed and they have a significant difference in energy usage: just 5 watts per led lamp in a hotel room in contrast to a traditional 40-watt light bulb.