In our resort you can enjoy the beautiful flora and fauna. Only part of the total area is covered with buildings, the rest is maintained for beautiful gardens. The gardens are landscaped with native plants. Local animals like to walk around in these gardens. For our guests this is a wonderful view, and it's good for the local ecosystem. Iguanas are not considered an endangered species yet, but they diminish rapidly. At Plaza Beach Resort Bonaire iguanas can walk around freely. We actively try to prevent our guests to feed the animals in order to balance the ecosystem.

Since the presence of the Lionfish in the Caribbean waters, many fish are threatened in their natural environment. Despite the beautiful looks, the fish is a threat to the beautiful reef of Bonaire. Stinapa (Bonaire National Parks Foundation) keeps the fish population balanced by hunting the Lionfish during dive trips. The dive masters of Toucan Diving give Stinapa a hand to hunt the Lionfish during their dive trips.

On the island of Bonaire there are a lot of mosquitoes, included the tiger mosquito, which sometimes carries diseases. To prevent these mosquitoes, they are exterminated every two weeks. The corridors outside the rooms are treated with a so-called 'Fogger Machine'. In a few minutes the active mosquitoes are effectively controlled by a biological pesticide.