Corporate social responsibility

Besides making our own resort as sustainable as possible, we are also actively engaged in contributing to projects and businesses in the area.

Fundashon Kunuku Kakelvers - animal rescue
Fundashon Kunuku Kakelvers is a local animal rescue organisation dedicated to the welfare of animals on the island. They do this by lovingly taking in the animals, caring for them and, whenever possible, finding them a new owner. For example, in cooperation with us, Fundashon Kunuku Kakelvers tries to reduce the number of stray cats and stray dogs by collecting them when the animals wander around the resort. By having the animals collected, we can be sure that the animals get the care and attention they deserve.

On 4 November 2016, the Kunuku Kakelvers cat shelter was opened. Plaza Beach & Dive Resort Bonaire contributed to this too by providing the animal shelter with snacks and drinks during the grand opening of the cat house, allowing everyone to take a look at the new enclosure.

STINAPA Bonaire is a foundation responsible for the management of Bonaire's national parks; Bonaire National Marine Park and Washington Slagbaai National Park. STINAPA's mission is to protect and preserve natural, cultural and historical heritage. Besides protecting and managing 20% of Bonaire, they also pay great attention to education and information to visitors and locals of Bonaire.

Nature tag
To maintain the Bonaire National Marine Park, snorkelers, divers and practitioners of other water sports are required to purchase a "Nature tag". This tag is strictly personal and is valid for the entire calendar year. Therefore, before entering the water, do not forget to purchase your tag at Toucan Diving shop. Prices:

Divers: USD $45 per person

Snorkellers: USD $25 per person

From January 2023, the price of the Stinapa tag will be adjusted.

The Nature tag not only gives access to Bonaire's underwater world (Bonaire National Marine Park), but also gives free access to Washington Slagbaai National Park.

Beach clean up
Plaza also regularly participates in beach clean ups on Bonaire, such as the beach clean up organised by Nicolette Kluijver, presenter and IFAW ambassador. In this way, the resort also does its bit to keep our beautiful beaches clean.