Pink Brine Lake

The name kind of gives it away, but this lake is bright pink! The brine lake is used to extract salt from seawater. This unique lake is a popular attraction and attracts photographers from all over the world. The water is extremely salty and because of this, only one type of algae can survive in these conditions. This alga is eaten by only one kind of shrimp. If you are lucky, you will also come across a real Caribbean flamingo here!

The origins of the Pink Brine Lake

The Pink Brine Lake is located near the village of Rincon on the island of Bonaire. The lake was created naturally when during an earthquake in 1995, water flowed down from the nearby hills and filled a crater. This is why it is also called the "earthquake lake". The lake has a pink hue due to its high salt content, which is caused by the large amount of brine shrimp living in its depths.

Spot unique animals

Although the vibrant colour sets the lake apart from other waters, it is not just the colour that makes the Pink Brine Lake special; many unique animals also live in the water. According to locals, it is home to crabs, sea cucumbers and different types of fish, including guppies and catfish. But perhaps the most interesting inhabitants are the brine shrimps that give the lake its distinctive colour. These tiny creatures feed on algae and plankton, giving the lake its bright pink colour!

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