Discover the most beautiful pieces of nature during your stay at Van der Valk Bonaire? Then take a kayak tour through Lac Bay's mangrove forest! The Lac Bay mangrove forest is known for its beautiful nature and is the best preserved mangrove in the Caribbean. In the Lay Bay area, there are three types of mangrove trees which are all located in crystal clear water. For a special experience, this is the place to be.

Kayak tour

The mangrove is also known as the 'nursery'. Unravel the significance during your holiday in Bonaire on a kayak tour through the mangrove. See the areas largely covered in seagrass, which serves as a filter keeping the water clear. Besides providing crystal clear water, eelgrass is an important environment for marine animals such as baby rays, lobsters and baby seahorses. Want to see these animals up close? Then opt for a kayak tour including snorkelling.


Besides kayaking, discover the stunning underwater world while snorkelling. In the mangrove, you stand a good chance of seeing many different tropical fish and even turtles. However, snorkelling with fins is not allowed. This can damage the ecosystem and the mangrove.

Mangrove & Kayak Centre Bonaire

From the Mangrove & Kayak Centre Bonaire, you can book a tour through Bonaire's beautiful flora & fauna. Under expert guidance, you will discover the most beautiful spots in the mangrove area. Choose a one-hour kayak tour or go on a 2-hour kayak tour with the possibility of snorkelling. Ready to explore the mangrove?

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