Water consumption

Our water is very good quality drinking water. Water is becoming increasingly precious, which is why Plaza Beach & Dive Resort Bonaire pays more attention to its conservation. As part of our environmental policy, we therefore like to make our employees and guests aware of their own water consumption. In addition, the resort is strongly committed to reducing water consumption by using sustainable water savers on taps and toilets, and we use almost all treated wastewater to water our plants.

Reuse with grey water
You may have heard of the term "grey water": slightly polluted wastewater that comes from the shower, kitchen and washing machine, for example. It gets its name from the grey colour the water takes on after it has been kept still for a while. At Plaza Beach & Dive Resort Bonaire, we purify this grey water. During the purification process, undissolved organic parts from the grey water, such as soap residues, are broken down after which we use the water for watering our gardens.

Will you help reduce water consumption?
We make you aware of unnecessary water waste in various ways. Would you like to do your bit? Then we could really use your help! You can use water consciously at our resort in the following ways:

  • You decide whether you wish to receive clean towels every day. We therefore also ask you to place the towels you would like to be washed on the floor and hang the towels you still want to use on the hooks. This way, no unnecessary water is wasted and we do our bit for nature.
  • Try to turn off the tap while washing your hands, brushing your teeth and shaving.
  • Is it not necessary to flush the toilet with lots of water when visiting the toilet? Then try using a small amount of water.