Water consumption

Water is becoming more and more precious, therefore Plaza Beach & Dive Resort Bonaire gives attention to maintain water. As part of our environmental policy we like to make our staff and guests aware of their own consumption. The resort also tries to reduce water consumption by placing sustainable water savers on taps and toilets. For us it feels natural to reuse water. We use almost all the treated wastewater to irrigate our gardens. 

Reuse of gray water
Perhaps you have heard of the term gray water. It is the slightly polluted waste water which comes out of the shower, kitchen and washing machine. It owes its name to the gray color the water turns into after preservation. This is the process of purification. The undissolved organic components which were in the water, such as soap scum, are dissolved. This happens at the resort itself. We use the gray water to water our gardens.

How can you help reduce water consumption?
We try to make you aware of unnecessary water wastage in several ways. Would you like to take part to maintain water? We can use your help: