Solar energy

Bonaire has the perfect climate for solar panels. Because it is always windy on the island, the solar panels generate even more power than without wind. This is because the wind causes a drop in temperature that in turn causes the solar panels to absorb even more sunlight. To take full advantage of this, Plaza Beach & Dive Resort Bonaire recently bought new solar panels, which will be installed soon. This will allow us to take even better advantage of Bonaire's optimal weather conditions.

Sun in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany

Plaza Beach & Dive Resort Bonaire is not the only Van der Valk hotel to have solar panels. Meanwhile, solar panels have already been installed at 20 hotels in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. This bodes well for the future. In the future, Van der Valk will work even more on sustainability so that all our guests can enjoy their stay in a pleasant and sustainable way.