Solar energy

Solar panels are a great alternative to generate sustainable energy. For that reason, we’ve installed over a 5000 solar panels last year to generate our own energy. We would like to become a self-sufficient resort by generating and reusing all the energy of the resort. At this moment, our technicians are working hard on the last phase of the project by installing the final panels. 

The solar panels generate even more energy in case there is a decrease of the temperature. In this case on Bonaire, the panels are able to absorb more sunlight due to the tropical wind which is always present on the island.

Solar panels in The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany
In the meantime, Plaza Beach & Dive Resort Bonaire is not the only resort of Van der Valk group who has invested in solar panels. At this moment, there are 20 hotels in The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany who are already running on solar energy. In the future more hotels will be involved with solar panels so more guests can enjoy a sustainable stay in our hotels.