Holiday Bonaire

Get away from it all and always wanted to dive? Then book a holiday to Bonaire, one of the most beautiful Caribbean islands where you can enjoy sun, sea, beach and beautiful nature. Bonaire is known for its beautiful beaches and stunning marine life. For instance, Bonaire offers one of the best diving spots and the island is one of the most sought-after kitesurfing, snorkelling and windsurfing destinations in the world. Definitely worth a visit!

Things to do in Bonaire
A holiday in Bonaire offers something for everyone. First of all, it is highly recommended to go diving or snorkelling while on holiday on Bonaire. Bonaire has the largest variety of fish in the Caribbean with as many as 355 different species of fish. The most famous area where you are guaranteed to spot fish is in the Marine Park. Want to practice diving first? Then visit a diving school and become a pro!

Rather explore the island above water? Then check out the island's famous sights during your holiday in Bonaire. Visit Kralendijk, Bonaire's largest town which owes its name to the lying coral reef on the beach. Or visit the historic village of Rincon and immerse yourself in the pirates and Spaniards of the 16th century. Want to know more about the island's history? Then delve into the slave era and visit the pink Pekelmeer or the Rooi Lamoenchi Nature Reserve, where old remnants and slave houses are still visible.

Spot rare animals
Head out into Bonaire's most beautiful nature reserves and spot various animals. One of Bonaire's most famous residents are the red flamingos. They migrate all over the island and can be found in several lakes. Spot the flamingos during a visit to Lac Bay, Lake Goto or Brine Lake. Have you ever heard of the Lora? The Lora is a rare bird found only on Bonaire. Want to spot it? Then visit Washington Slagbaai National Park, the habitat of the Lora and green iguanas.

Stay at Plaza Beach & Dive Resort Bonaire
Enjoy an all-inclusive stay at Plaza Beach & Dive Resort during your holiday on Bonaire. Unwind in the comfortable suites and make use of the luxurious facilities. Relax on a beach bed at the private beach and admire the coral reef while swimming or snorkelling. Take a dip in the pool or hire a car and head out. Prefer a round of boating? Plaza Beach & Dive Resort has its own marina where you can moor or hire a boat. Curious about all the possibilities?

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