Bonaire, your next destination

Experience yourself what makes Bonaire so special....

Nine hours flying distance, cross the Atlantic Ocean and speak your own language. That is if you are Dutch. If not, no problem, English is everywhere at hand. All is possible on the beautiful isle of Bonaire. During you holidays at Plaza Beach Resort Bonaire you will discover the charm and beauty of the island with all its exentraties.

"the best kept secret", "place of absolute tranquillity", "diver's paradise", "still unspoilt".

Bonaire is a small island off the coast of Venezuela in the southern area of the Caribbean region, a nine-hour flight from the Netherlands and approximately 4 hours from Atlanta and 5 hours from New York. Bonaire is famous for its sunny climate, unspoilt nature, turquoise sea, pearl-white beaches, picturesque underwater world and its first-rate diving, snorkelling and windsurfing facilities. Bonaire has an area of 288 km2 (17,166 acres) (39 km long and 5 to 12 km wide) and has a population of 16,000 residents, of whom 10,000 live in the capital city of Kralendijk.

Bonaire is one of the five island areas of the Netherlands Antilles, a country in the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Bonaire will soon become directly part of the Netherlands as a special municipality of the Netherlands that is to be constituted as a "public body" under the Constitution of the Netherlands.


Bonaire enjoys a uniquely gentle climate. The sun shines practically all the time, but the prevailing trade winds keep it from becoming oppressive. During the Dutch winter months - October through February - there is a slightly greater chance of rain, but the average annual rainfall on the island is less than 60 cm, (23 inches) and rain comes mainly in short, intense showers. The average midday temperature is 30 degrees Celcius, 86 Farenheit and 26 degrees Celcius, 78 Farenheit at night. Ocean temperature is generally between 26 and 28 degrees Celcius.

Time difference

During the winter, Bonaire is four hours earlier than GMT. When Europe enters daylight saving time, the difference becomes five hours.

Inhabitants and the language

Bonaire's original inhabitants were Caquetios Indians, but in 1527, the Spaniards landed on the island and turned it into a Spanish colony. Later, the island was captured by the Dutch who brought African slaves there to harvest salt. The population as a result became mixed, also referred to as Creole. The official language of Bonaire is Papiamentu, but everyone also speaks Dutch and English. The friendly local residents ensure that a vacation on Bonaire is given a lovely, peaceful atmosphere.

The capital

The capital of Bonaire is Kralendijk, which is a corruption of "Koralendijk" (or Coral Dike). Most of Bonaire's residents (approximately 10,000) live in Kralendijk.


No vaccinations are required for visiting Bonaire.

Drinking water

Bonaire enjoys high-quality drinking water and guests can therefore drink directly from the tap.

Divers Paradise

For over twenty-five years, Bonaire has led the Caribbean in the conservation of its marine resources. Since 1979, all the waters off the island's coast have been declared a marine park, which has led us to the enviable position of being ranked as one of the finest scuba diving and snorkeling destinations in the world. 

Tours & Trips

Plaza Resort Bonaire provide guests with a wide variety of tours and trips. Would you like to explore the island by car, boat or rather ride horseback?

Visitors to Bonaire will soon find that not all the activities are confined to just under or in the sea. We have many more water-related activities that are being discovered by today's active traveler. As a windsurfing location, the island is becoming well known for our steady tradewinds and protected areas with onshore winds. Our other water sports include both ocean and sea kayaking as well as sailing.

Other topside activities that are being enjoyed by visitors are cycling and nature tours through the "kunuku" or outback. Or, take to the wind with kiteboarding, or see a part of Bonaire rarely seen as you ride horseback on some of the island's back trails.


Plaza Resort Bonaire is very active on Bonaire with organizing (sports) events. The Heineken Jazz Festival for instance brings well-known artists from all over the world to Bonaire every year. Besides Plaza many other institutions care that you will be occupied all days. Take a look at the Event Calender, which will alert you to those events that are taking place during your particular vacation period.

More information?

When you would like to read on about the typical island Bonaire please click on the following link; information Bonaire.