Are you going on holiday to Bonaire? Then a visit to a diving school should not be missed. With kilometres of coastline and a beautiful underwater world, the Caribbean island of Bonaire is one of the most beautiful diving destinations in the world. Colourful fish, impressive coral and good water conditions make Bonaire the ideal location for a diving holiday.

Experienced guides at Toucan Diving

At Plaza Beach & Dive Resort Bonaire, with a private beach, our own diving school, Toucan Diving, and an impressive underwater world full of colourful fish and coral, we have all the facilities for a wonderful diving holiday. With experienced instructors and a range of diving courses, we ensure that beginners and experienced divers alike can have the ultimate diving experience. Whether you come to learn to dive at a Bonaire dive centre, want to improve your skills or simply enjoy the beautiful reefs and marine life, our Bonaire dive centre is ready to guide you.

At Toucan Diving, we understand the importance of safety and quality when diving. Therefore, we only work with certified Toucan Diving instructors who will guide you step by step and make sure you feel comfortable and confident underwater. We use modern equipment and follow the highest standards of dive safety.

The dive packages at Plaza Beach & Dive Resort Bonaire

Especially for the real diving enthusiasts, our diving school on Bonaire has put together a package, the chance for an unforgettable and fully catered-for holiday including air/Nitrox and weight to do 6 days of unlimited shore diving. After a successful diving trip with our Bonaire diving school, our luxury resort is the ideal place to unwind. Settle down in our modern swimming pool, have dinner in our restaurant or enjoy a wonderful massage treatment.

Have you become enthusiastic about our dive resort on Bonaire? Plaza Beach & Dive Resort Bonaire with Toucan Diving is the ultimate choice for diving enthusiasts. Contact us to plan your diving adventure and discover why Bonaire is known as one of the best diving destinations in the world!